Unit conversion

The US has a lot of pride in their current unit system and does not have any plans to convert into the popular metric system that is used by the rest of the world. The United States uses customary units such as the foot, mile, and inch. The metric unit system is considered to be easily to handle when it comes to unit conversion. This is true because of the fact that it is able to easily handle unit conversions simply by multiplying or dividing a number by ten.

It is often said that when the US was established, it chose to break away from the metric system that was used by the British at the time. The Americans chose to be free of the shackles of both persecution as well as anything that reminded them of the oppressing British government. This is the reason why the country was established on its customary unit of measuring. The system was set in place a long time ago and it seemed to work efficiently enough that it was kept in place. As time went on, the country saw no need an little reason to change what was not broken. In addition, it can also be quite difficult to change a whole country’s way of thinking and calculating various measurements. In a way the US customary units system has become a second language to Americans. The process of updating the current customary unit system would be very tedious because it would require the change of the standard system which was used to record any and all measurements throughout history. Interestingly, the US customary unit system is based on the old English Imperial system.

The metric system is an internationally used and renowned measuring system. The system is based on a structure of tens. This way every units of measure is easily converted into the next year of measure. For example, 1 meter is equal to 1 kilometer. The word kilo stems from the number 1,000.

This is why a kilogram has 1,000 grams. This makes any unit conversion simple when they are required to be made. Travelers can greatly benefit from accurate unit conversions when they are outside their home country. These conversions are a must when attempting to figure out the distance between one time and another or even the simple task of purchasing a favorite fruit or vegetable at the local market. In addition, individuals that deal with imports and exports can greatly benefit from learning how to convert its various units between the US customary unit and the worldwide metric unit. This can be especially helpful when attempting to understand the distance between ports when transporting items between one country and another. Also, the trader is able to determine costs and profits by understanding the weight of the item that they are importing or exporting, in relation to the unit system that they are most familiar with.

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